Lilac, and Turquoise, and Ruby, Oh my! Wedding Color Schemes

Did you know that the human eye can perceive approximately seven million different colors? Not only that, but colors can have an effect on every facet of our lives from the way we feel to the memories that are brought back from life changing occasions.  This sets the standard pretty high for one of the most important decisions to make in wedding planning, your color scheme. Color schemes are very important because they are seen everywhere – from the flowers to the table clothes, the dishes to the place cards, even your bridesmaids’ dresses to the floor runner. Your guests will encounter your color scheme decision from the moment they receive their save the date to the concluding delivery of their thank you cards.  No pressure, right?

No wonder brides, maid of honors, and wedding planners are put under so much stress. But there doesn’t always have to be so much stress and worry when it comes to this vital decision. When planning a wedding color scheme, many who are involved in this decision try to keep with the current trending style making sure their wedding is hip and up-to-date on all things 2012. But one of the greatest features about colors is they aren’t determined by the year or generation. Colors are used to express emotion, personality, and moods. So you can stop Googling “Trending wedding color schemes of 2012” now and start looking where the real answer is: inside you and the incredible person who will be beside you on that special day.  

For centuries, different colors have been seen to represent different strengths, aspects, and personalities of people. These colors are now referred to as power colors. There are various charts and quizzes you can take in order to determine what color best represents you. This provides a personalized touch for your ceremony and creates a perfect fit just like your wedding dress. Determine the color that’s best for you and use the following guidelines to pick an exquisite combination. This will create a lasting memory for your guests, which will be brought back whenever they see your signature color.

Electrifying Red

Passion, desire, strength, and excitement. These are all proud traits of a red. Anyone who has tons of energy and a loving personality is the perfect representation of the color red. Your guests will love the electrifying roses placed perfectly in your flowers and hair. Maybe a trim on your bridesmaids dresses to match the delicate red stripe around your table clothes. A few combinations that will complement each other nicely to give your wedding the wow factor you are looking for are red & pink; red & orange; or my personal favorite, red, black, & white.

 Imaginative Yellow

Calling all you joyous brides out there! It’s time to let your happiness show with a shining bright yellow wedding color scheme. Yellow is the color of sunshine, light, optimism, and hope. Your guests will feel alive with popping daisies and bright yellow save the dates. If it’s ever time to show your spunk, now is the time with one of these yellow wedding combinations: white & yellow; grey, white, & yellow; orange & yellow; and blue & yellow.

Peaceful Blue

Blue is known to create a calming mood in a room. Its serene hue is enough to bring harmony and unity to your family and soon-to-be in-laws who may have otherwise been on a sour note from all the pre-wedding stress.  If you are a calm, trusting, confident young bride, flaunt it with all the different shades of this tranquil color. Some recommended combos for blue are blue willow & white; purple & blue; blue & green; and red & blue.

Enthusiastic Orange

If you have a warm personality and your future partner has an energetic one, orange brings a perfect balance to both of these complimentary traits. Orange is very vibrant and expansive color that will bring a smile on the face of all your friends and family. It puts a happy mood in the atmosphere leaving the night full of laughter and memories. To create even more balance to this exuberant color, use one of these cherished combinations: tangerine tango & pink; olive green & topaz; brown, green, & orange; red & orange; yellow & orange; grey & orange; or purple & orange.

Natural Green

It’s time to go green! If you are all about the environment and outdoors, and just love to be where the green grass grows, cast your thoughts on this dynamic color. Green is a sign of good health and youth. It is the very color of our mother nature. If you want a sense if renewal and vigor, green is the way to go. Although green is better at supporting other colors by adding a splash of zest to a combination, it can still be put on center stage if paired with neutral colors. By having deep green runners and table cloths with a black and white stripe along the rim and some simple and elegant white china, you can create a perfect balance of colors for all to enjoy. Here are a few more mixtures to consider to highlight your green fancy: green & dusty gold; black, white, & green; brown & green; and cream & green.


Royal Purple

Did your daddy used to call you his little princess? Have you always felt royal at heart? Your wedding is now the perfect opportunity to bring out your inner princess with the most noble color. Purple. Purple is the color of ceremony, celebration, transformation, and enlightenment. With its deep tone and alert feel, it brings a sense of mystery and wonder to all who attend your one-of-a-kind wedding. A dash of delicate purple lilacs and a bold purple vest and tie is enough to leave an impression never to be forgotten. Some unforgettable color schemes that you could use to showcase this rich color are sweet lilac & margarita; ivory white and purple; sterling grey & purple; light blue & lavender; and orange, pink, & purple.

So yes, it is true. There are over seven million recognizable colors to the human eye. But instead of seeing it as a tremendous challenge, embrace it! Use it as an opportunity. Each couple has their own individual personality and not one is the same as another. So now there are seven million different shades and colors to choose from to get that perfectly unique wedding color combo resembling you and your loving spouse. So go ahead, be bold, set the trend, and remember it’s your wedding, so own it!


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